Barron Smith Daugert provides registered agent services through its affiliate corporation, BD Services Corporation


Every entity that must file with the State of Washington to form or do business in Washington, including corporations, limited liability companies and limited liability partnerships, must have a Registered Agent and keep the Secretary of State informed of any change in either the identity of the Registered Agent or its address. As a requirement to serve as the Registered Agent of an entity, the Registered Agent must have a street address in the State of Washington. As a convenience to our clients we have established a service company, BD Services Corporation (“BD Services”), to act as Registered Agent. RCW 23B.05.010 Registered Agent and Office


The responsibilities of BD Services as Registered Agent are:

1. To accept service of process if a claim is brought. If a lawsuit is commenced against your corporation, limited liability company, or limited liability partnership (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), a summons and complaint may be served on BD Services at 300 N. Commercial Street in Bellingham. When BD Services accepts service of process on behalf of our Company, one of its agents will attempt to contact the Company, first by email communication, and then by mail. If the Company does not respond to either fax or mail communication at the last indicated fax number or address, BD Services cannot take any further action. Failure to respond to service of process may result in a default judgement against the Company.

2. To Forward License Renewal Notices. The Washington Secretary of State requires that the Company’s Business License be renewed annually. BD Services will forward the Annual Report Form to the company at its last known address the same day that we receive it. The company is responsible for completing the form and mailing it to the State.

3. Annual Maintenance (Optional service). If you subscribe for this service, BD Services will provide one set of annual meeting minutes, or consents in lieu of meeting, as you wish, ratifying the acts of the shareholders and directors of the Company during the previous year, and electing Directors and Officers if appropriate. If the Company requires more extensive corporate maintenance services, such as additional shareholders or directors consents, stock transfers or amendments to its Articles, these can be handled by the business practice group at Barron Smith Daugert, PLLC at the standard hourly rates.

4. To Forward Notices From the Secretary of State. From time to time, the Secretary of State may send notices to the Company through the Registered Agent. These notices will be forwarded by BD Services via mail to the Company at its last know address.


1. Stability. If you move locations, your contact information with the State remains the same. BD Services will continue to receive important information on your companies behalf.

2. Convenience. BD Services maintains a duplicate record book for your Company. All mail received on behalf of your Company is copied and placed in our duplicate record book and then forwarded to you the very same day. This allows your Company to have a complete set of documents, off premises, for safekeeping.

3. Reliability. All mail received by BD Services is forwarded the same day as it is received. Our clients are important to us and we treat each Company as if it is our own.