At Barron Smith Daugert, PLLC we represent individuals and employers in a broad range of services related to the employer-employee relationship.

We seek to provide practical and effective representation by helping clients avoid legal problems before they begin, and work to prevent costly litigation. When informal resolution of issues is unavailable, we are able to provide the full spectrum of legal representation in negotiations, administrative proceedings, mediation, arbitration, as well as litigation in both state and federal court.

The diverse experience and expertise of our employment practice group enables us to provide efficient and effective representation in a full range of issues, including:

  • Employment litigation, including wrongful discharge, discrimination, harassment, and retaliation
  • Personnel issues such as negotiations, successful separations and/or terminations, investigation and resolution of harassment complaints
  • Management/union/employee relations
  • Personnel policies and employment contracts
  • Wage and hour claims
  • Medical leave and benefits
  • Negotiation and enforcement of non-compete agreements and trade secret issues
  • Workplace safety and health concerns

Our business clients represent a broad spectrum of Washington employers, including medical practices, software companies, major agricultural and industrial entities, real estate developers, mortgage brokers, and a variety of government entities.

We also represent employees in sexual harassment, gender discrimination, union discrimination, disability discrimination, retaliation, failure to accommodate, and wrongful termination claims against a variety of public and private entities.

The attorneys at Barron Smith Daugert, PLLC have the knowledge and experience to provide effective and efficient solutions to your employment issues, and our firm is fully equipped to pursue your claim to litigation.